Pros and Cons of Slate Shingles


There is nothing quite as durable as slate roofing shingles. In fact, if the ASHI Technical Journal may be believed, they may last well past the consumer’s lifetime. So why should homeowners weigh their options carefully before investing in slate shingles?

Durability: 40, 50 or 175 Years?

There is little doubt that slate shingles outlast their asphalt cousins. The writers of the ASHI Technical Journal explain that Virginia’s “Buckingham” line actually has an average life expectancy of 175 years. Even so, there is a bit of a downside to this material choice.

Not every slate shingle is created equal. In fact, Pennsylvania-quarried slate shingles may only come with a life expectancy of 40 to 50 years. The disparity has to do with the material’s makeup.

Tip: Match the price tag with the disclosed durability rating. As a general rule of thumb, buy the shingles from a company that has been in business for a long period of time. A fly-by-night outfit will not be around to honor a slate shingle claim some 10 to 15 years after installation.

Weathering: Unfading vs. Semi-Weathering

A slate roof is a long-term investment and remains a stunning asset to the home’s overall appearance for decades to come – if the homeowner chooses the slate roofing shingles with weathering in mind.

Unfading shingles, so the Slate Association explains, withstand the elements and keep looking great and close to their original color hues – they also command a high cost. Semi-weathering shingles can start out looking green but eventually turn brown or mottled.

Tip: Choose slate shingles with an understanding of what their eventual color will be (after weathering), and do not base your buying decision on the current look – unless you are prepared to pay extra for an unfading slate shingle type.

Cost: Material plus Labor

The homeowner in search of a roof replacement material already knows that the slate shingle is the Rolls Royce of roofing materials. With asphalt being the economy covering, tile and slate bring up the upper end. Cornell University estimated in 1997 that a 100-square-foot slate roof area would require an expenditure of $320 to $1,200 for materials alone.

By comparison, asphalt shingles would only cost about $20 to $140 per 100 square feet. What is not disclosed is the need to potentially reconstruct the attic structure to hold the 900 plus pounds of material weight per area. Asphalt, which is much lighter, only places a weight addition of 195 to 430 pounds on the attic.

Tip: When inviting labor and materials estimates, have the roofer also examine the attic and include any additional supplies and man-hours that it will take to prepare the structure for the added weight. I got this from a friend who works for a roofing company in Marietta, so it’s really something that you should ask for beforehand when you are considering a home roof repair.

It is clear that slate roofing shingles are a durable choice for the homeowner who has the funds to opt for the best shingles available and who also does not mind spending a little extra to adequately prepare the underlying structure. For the homeowner with a tighter budget, a slate roof may not be the right choice.



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Quick Tips to Selling Your Home Quicker

There is no doubt that selling your home can be a long, drawn out process. In fact, sometimes it takes people years before they even find a buyer who is remotely interested in buying their home. However, there are a number of different things which you can do on your own time around the house in order to help speed up the selling process. Here, we will take a closer look at some of the easy things that you can do.
Un-Clutter Your Home

Cluttered-looking homes are very unattractive to anyone’s eyes. Not only will having a cluttered home make it appear as though you are not taking care of it as good as you should, but if a room is filled with clutter, it will look a whole lot less spacious than it really is. Typically, people are looking for larger, open rooms rather than tiny, compact rooms. If you clean up your home by getting rid of (or hiding) some of the junk that can be found in its rooms, you will be more likely to find an interested buyer.

Clean-up After Pets

If you are someone who owns a cat or dog, chances are that it may shed more than you even realize. Anyone who does not live in your house will be sure to pick up on how much your pet sheds a lot quicker than you. In order to make sure that the shedding that your dog or cat does is not the reason that buyers have not been attracted to your house, you should be sure to vacuum at least twice a week, or as soon as you know that someone is coming to look at it. You should also be sure to clean up any types of stains that may be caused by your animal, as these will be very unappealing to anyone who comes to look at your home.

Don’t Spray Too Much Febreeze

As soon as we know that someone is coming to look at our house, many us would immediately reach for the air freshener bottle. However, many of us do not realize that this can be a huge mistake. Although some of the scents in your home may not be pretty, if you spray air freshener, people will think that the house itself is smelly. Ultimately, this can chase a potential buyer away. Your best bet is not too use any types of air fresheners, or if you decide that you must have to, you should be sure to go very light on the air freshener. Another tip is too do your air freshening early in the day, so that by the time that the potential buyers come to look at your home, there will be no sign that you sprayed anything.

Un-cluttering your home, cleaning up after your pets and making sure that you do not go too heavy on the air freshener can all be huge factors that will determine how quick your home will sell. Not only are all of these three steps quick and easy, but they can influence any potential buyer’s decision in the long run.

Upgrade Your Home

I had a friend who had a friend (lol) who owned a company which was well-versed in flooring and carpeting in the Atlanta area. My friend (we’ll call him Bob) called his friend with the flooring company (we’ll call him jeremy) about refinishing the floors. The floors in his house were old and beat up, and the realtor thought refinishing them would add a lot of value to the home. Long story short, after 3 months on the market, he got the floors done. Within 7 days had an offer for $5k above asking.

The moral of this story is don’t be cheap. Sometimes upgrades will HELP you and make more money than they cost.

Some Characteristics of Excellent and Reputable Construction Companies

You might have observed that a lot of structures nowadays are properly designed and built by numerous building and construction business all around the world. Often, these structures are comprised of concrete and steel. In truth the increase of towering structures along with essential facilities mark or symbolize the success of any place. This would even more mean that the facility of a first-rate city suggests the building and construction of manufactured monoliths that will show to its advancement.

Hot Spots

You can really see this phenomenon in emerging worldwide hot-spots. Building within these locations related larger with much better. Building business continue to develop imposing hotels, sky-high increases, in addition to massive shopping center. These facilities are all related to the icons of the place’s wealth in addition to stature within the International economy. These structures similarly work as business, leisure, and property locations for its visitors, travelers, locals and the expat population.


Among the attributes of a trusted and outstanding building company is its dedication to ecological security. The most trusted building business carry out stiff health and wellness procedures in regards to transport, storage, treatment, collection, along with disposal of contaminated materials. They really make sure that management procedures remain in accordance with all the local policies and worldwide requirements in order to ensure that their task will posture no hazardous influence on their staff members, the future building citizens, the public, the neighborhood, along with the environment.

Customer Assistance

Another quality of leading building and construction business is skills and outstanding customer assistance. Leading building and construction companies nowadays ensure that their methods with their jobs are within its custom. This would even more mean that occasion the most normal structures are integrated in accordance with the greatest requirements, from the principle, to the products and devices used, to the whole building procedure, to the quality and security control.

Commercial Construction Company – Large Projects

A commercial building and construction company is one that focuses on non-residential structures, such as stores, public locations, and office complex. They are normally commissioned to construct considerably bigger tasks than property business, and for that reason have tools and products that enable them to scale structures to a fairly bigger size. They can be commissioned by either a governing body or by a personal financier, and can construct anything from a single store to a high-rise building. In this short article, we’ll have a look at a few of the methods commercial building and construction is often represented in daily life.

Store Establishments

A few of the most popular things a non-residential building company will be asked to construct are independent stores. This can consist of franchises like junk food dining establishments or independently owned retail stores. Lots of people planning to start their own business will work with a non-residential building and construction company to develop the store itself for them, and will usually plan the design of the shop with an on staff designer. There are a variety of different employee that can make the procedure of setting out the building and construction of a personal business a lot simpler, due to their level of know-how.

Public Areas

A non-residential building and construction company may also be used by a federal government company to build either a public place such as park or museum, or a federal government building like a court house. The building of public locations is normally a big accomplishment, and commercial building business will frequently use a range of strategies on a single job. For instance, a museum will generally need a designer for the building itself, a landscaper for the building of gardens, and a security specialist for methods to secure important pieces in the museum. They may also use somebody to make the interior appearance great, and different kinds of glassworkers and masons for special architectural functions.

Non-residential building business can often be seen carrying out numerous kinds of building, on practically any kind of building. In truth, the only kind of building they aren’t accountable for is real estate, and much of the building and construction tasks they have been considerably bigger. If you are wanting to start your very own business or wish to get associated with public works, possibilities are you will be handling a commercial building company eventually, even if it’s just to retouch the interior of an existing building. Using a building company’s abilities can make big jobs a breeze to complete.

Commercial Construction Company – Specialists Involved

There are great deals of different kinds of structures that need different kinds of building and construction, but a commercial building company can build practically anything other than real estate, which is delegated domestic building and construction business. Nearly everything you see that isn’t really a personal home is the work of a commercial building company, consisting of independently owned stores, shopping malls, parks, museums, federal government structures, and others. These locations differ so considerably in how they are built and what they include that commercial building business need to keep a big range of experts on hand to complete the different jobs needed. In this short article, we’ll have a look at some typical kinds of labor included in commercial building, in addition to the different kinds of professionals that are associated with many building and construction tasks.


The most apparent professional that practically every commercial building company job will need is the designer. They are accountable for the design and shape of structures, and supply the basis off which many other experts can deal with. Designers are regularly considered the foundation behind a building, as they have one of the most influence over how the building will work, along with how it has the tendency to look general. Experts connected to designers consist of masons and carpenters, who are accountable for making the designer’s strategies come to life.


Many public works such as parks and museums have big gardens or areas of open land, and while many individuals presume that these are a simple thing to design, it can be quite hard to produce the best kind of sidewalks and turf locations for optimum visual appeal and performance. Landscapers normally deal with a commercial building and construction company to place open area, trees, benches, sidewalks, and other natural functions that make up a big part of every outdoor area.


A commercial building and construction company will typically work with a plumbing, an electrical expert, and an interior designer for the ending up elements of structures. These can be team member of the building company itself, or personal people that are contracted out by the company. They are accountable for providing the building its performance, along with offering a hassle-free but enticing way for people to use the building. There are great deals of different elements present in commercial building and construction, and if they do not all circulation together in properly, structures can come out a catastrophe. The secret to great building is getting everybody to collaborate as a group.


Construction companies typically will work with a local roofing company, often times several, in order to get better results. For example, this alpharetta roofing contractor partners with many different construction companies in atlanta and all over the place. They