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3 Bathroom Renovations for a Completely Different Look

If you’re thinking of redoing your bathroom but have no clue where to begin, you need to do some research first. Redoing your bathroom has to be one of the most difficult things you have to do in your house. The reason is that the bathroom is continuously under use no matter what you do. From simple things such as washing your hands to taking a shower, everything happens here and is needed by all the family members staying at the house.

You need to be very careful when selecting what you need to redo in your bathroom. While there are a lot of essential items you would not want to change, you would definitely want to give it a new spin just so it looks different. You need to do a little research on the latest trends and come up with the solution you need for your bathroom. If you’re still confused about bathroom renovations southern suburbs Adelaide, you can check our list procured for the purpose:

1. Redoing Tile Color

While this seems like a big task, getting the tiles recolored is definitely what you can do to your bathroom to give it a brand new look. Does not matter what color your tiles are currently, you need to make sure they look different this time. According to the trends of 2019, the bathrooms are going in pastel hues.

This means that the colors you have options of include powder pink, pistachio green, sky blue or even ice blue. You can change the look of the bathroom by simply changing the tile color and nothing else.

2. Add Light Mirror

A trend of the seventies that has still followed up to date, a mirror with lights is definitely what you need. This not only add colors to your bathroom but also an immense light to make sure your dressing up and makeup is not compromised. This is mirror looks absolutely stunning and enables you to enjoy great lighting to take your pictures and enjoy looking great in no time.

Make sure the lighted mirror is placed with no mirror on the background so the light does not reflect the surface and everything is kept in place with perfect lighting.

3. Add Scented Candles


This has to be the most understated item to be placed in your bathroom. While you are able to add color, the scent and natural light also follows. You will be able to enjoy amazing and refreshing fragrance all around in the bathroom without investing too much in artificial fragrances that do not even stay for more than half an hour.

The candles can be found in different variants, colors and even smells as per your liking. This is a very cost effective method.

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