Buying the right caravan annex

Caravan owners are often faced with a decision of buying an annex for their caravan. They are often confused when it comes to buying awnings and setting up annexes. There are so many items available that often it becomes difficult to make a choice. The following guide would help make the choice for buying the right caravan annexes for sale.


Choosing the right material for caravan annexes

So the major question is whether to opt for traditional caravan annex or buy an awning for the caravan?

While it’s a fact that most caravan owners simple make use of their awnings by rolling them out and then modifying those by adding walls and turning those into annexes. While it may work for some, it might not work for everyone.

They have an option for choosing walls made from vinyl, canvas or shades. So which is exactly the best material for an annex? Read on to see the benefits and drawbacks of each of these materials.

It should be kept in mind that vinyl though an attractive looking option could get things heated up pretty soon. Plus the Australian weather is such that the sun can often beat down mercilessly already heating things up.

On the other hand awnings and walls designed from canvas are a better option because it allows more breathing space. However, the vinyl is half the weight of canvas and is easier for people on the go. Since caravan owners are always on the move awnings which are lightweight are a good option. The choice then comes down to what the owners prefer for their caravan.

There is a solution to this which is simple enough and quite useful. The caravan walls can be designed such that lf of it is made of canvas while the bottom half could be made of vinyl. Another benefit of doing this is that vinyl is more durable than canvas and is also easier to clean and maintain.

On the other hand walls made from shade are just as good an option. The shades offer protection from the elements and also help keep the rain and moisture out. Plus the shades allows the breeze to come through therefore helps keep things cool on particularly hot days.


Choosing the color and the layout

Another thing which users should consider are the color and layout of the annexes. They have a choice to choose plain or striped materials. The layout the caravan would however impact the cost of the annex. The layout comprises of how many doors and windows there should be for the annex? The choice lies between having a porch area or additional rooms in the annex. However, experts advise that annexes with flared walls are always a better option because these offer better protection from the elements. Awnings should have zips inside because zips help make assembling the annex much easier.



Now that you know what to look for, you have to find out where to find caravan annexes for sale.

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