Commercial Architects

The skill or ability to effectively put things together has started already in ancient times. Men and women before felt the need to search for food, customize clothes or dresses, and more importantly, construct makeshift houses to survive the heat from the sun, the coldness of the night, and the unpredictable weather.

Fast forward to today, the legacy continues in the modern setting, only that new talents and skills have evolved through time. Ancient architecture is still an inspiration since old school individuals would like to have a home or an edifice resembling those of Roman or Gothic architectural concepts.

The top commercial architects in Sydney see to it that every small detail of the project is taken seriously into consideration and in cases where an idea is vaguely possible, similar suggestions or recommendations are laid down on the table for brainstorming and later, a wise decision.

Commercial architects defined

Commercial architects are responsible for the application of combined engineering, construction, and artistic skills in order to come up with excellent designs of a variety of commercial buildings and similar structures. They cooperate and collaborate with civil engineers, project engineers, and interior designers, and form a team of experts who will work hand in hand for the completion of a grand construction project.

Job description

Commercial architects are duly-licensed professionals whose focus or concentration is on the design of buildings and many similar structures for non-residential use such as a retail store or an office building. More often than not, commercial architects are self-employed; thus, they depend on individual projects assigned to them and when fellow architects outsource an immediate project to meet the opening deadline. Other commercial architects are connected or affiliated with construction firms or contractor companies.

Roles of an architect

Architects are not purely involved with the design of a building. They also have a social responsibility placed on their shoulders like the security and safety of the public, including of course the creation of safety measures and awareness to other construction employees working hard on the project to be completed. As a licensed professional, they are bounded by law not only to follow certain construction standards but also to adhere to government or private regulations, procedures and necessary protocols for the benefit of everybody. In the same manner, architects should closely oversee or monitor existing construction projects from its opening up to when the project is concluded and turned over.

What is considered a commercial building?

A commercial real estate is any property that is considered or classified as a non-residential property.  Its purpose is only for business functions. It should cover retail properties, office buildings hotels, shopping malls or centres, multi-purpose warehouses, large manufacturing facilities, single or double door apartment complexes and an unused or vacant lot intended for potential development.

What is meant by a commercial building?

Commercial buildings are structures intended for commercial or business purposes. This includes office buildings, retail buildings, convenience stores, “big box stores,”  boutiques, parlours, and specialty stores. The spaces are allocated for multiple functions and significantly would mean that it is for multi-use.

Are condominiums considered a commercial property?

Contrary to popular belief, a condominium is classified as a residential project. This cannot be considered a commercial real estate. However, there are certain real estate projects building a luxurious residential property where there exists a commercial organisation and a living place together in a single land area.

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