Finding an Electrician in the North Lakes

With so many qualified electricians in the North Lakes area, it can be hard to decide which will be a better fit for your project. You don’t want to hire an unqualified electrician, as doing so can have a disastrous effect. The last thing you want is improperly installed wiring that can be faulty or cause something terrible like an electrical fire. After gathering a reliable list from friends, family, and online review sites, you will want to narrow down your search to a few top picks. Luckily, there are a few very easy things you can check to make sure you are only deciding between high-quality electricians.


Checklist For Your Electrician Search


Before you start getting estimates on your project, there are a few ways you can narrow down your search for a qualified electrician. Once you have curated your list of North Lakes electricians, you can start going through the below list to narrow down your search to professional electricians.


  • Licensing – The most important step is to make sure that the electrician has the proper licensing. Make sure to get their license information so you can be absolutely sure that they are fully qualified to be doing the level of work that you are looking for.
  • References – A good electrician will provide references without any hesitation. If you have a very specialised project, consider asking for references that relate directly to the same kind of work. If the electrician seems reluctant, it is probably a better idea to continue your search.
  • Insurance – Make sure that the electrician has public liability insurance. This will cover any accidents that may potentially occur on the job, and any professional will be insured. Someone without insurance can be a liability, and probably isn’t the level of professionalism you want working on your project.

Factors To Compare Between Electricians


Now that you can be confident that the electricians you have chosen are qualified and come with a high recommendation, there are some factors you can use to compare your top choices. Of course, if you end up feeling uncomfortable with your picks after gathering the following information, you should try to search for an electrician that will make you feel confident in your pick.


  • Pricing – Of course, pricing is important. While your gut may tell you to go with the cheapest bidder, make sure that this lower cost doesn’t sacrifice the quality of your project. This is especially true if you are getting any special parts installed, make sure they don’t plan to go cheap on the equipment. Make sure you get a full quote breakdown from the electrician so you can see where your different options vary.
  • Experience – See how much experience the electrician has on your specific kind of project. Having someone who has done a lot of similar installations is always a great idea. With that being said, that doesn’t always mean that the younger electrician will have less experience in that particular field, so don’t judge a book by its cover!
  • Quote – If your project may vary in pricing due to the size of the home or the particular placement involved, don’t let the electrician give you a quote before visiting. They should want to see the site and get a full understanding of the situation before giving you a full quote.


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