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Garage doors are large and heavy, and without rollers, it can be a daunting task while opening or closing it every day. Rollers on the doors make the garage doors easy to close and open. Roller doors can be motorised to have remote controls so that you can close or open the garage doors at the press of a button. However, motorised doors come with their problems.

When they fail to work as expected, roller doors are simple to inspect and replace, especially if you have a rough idea how to do it or if you were extra keen during the installation to master the concept of its operation ability. It is a no-brainer to understand how it works and fix it yourself if the installer is far away or not responding.

Common problems of roller doors

  • Remote control and operator switch unresponsive

There reaches a time when the roller doors will stop responding to the commands applied via remote control or wall switch. The possible problem will be power disruption. You should check the motor box is connected and follow every wiring from the starting point to the end.

Before making further judgements, check the circuit breakers and, GFCI, fuses, and the cables for the outlet power might have burned out or stripped. If other electrical items like bulbs in the garage are not working, the power outlet could be the problem. If that is the case, you may be required to reset the breaker or replace the burnt fuse. If GFCI trips repeatedly it means there is a short circuit somewhere, you need to find that.

The other possible cause of the roller door problems could be the motor burned out and not operational at all. In this case, you will need the services of a technician to service the motor or do it yourself if you know things about motors.

  • Remote control failure

Several solutions might lead to remote control or wireless not functioning. To test the case, move closer to the doors. It is possible you were out of range, or the cells are dead. Modern door rollers have a small radio at about 315 mH and my laptop. Ensure the functionality of the antenna and check whether they are all in place.

Reprogram and reset the control. The sensitive electronics may lose its programming because of their sensitivity to moisture and water. The door programming is simply not done the same with any other.

  • Garage doors close range incomplete

In this scenario, there are three possible observations. The close limit might be set wrong or readjusted itself. The close limit switch is used to prevent people from being hit by the closing door, and it needs to be corrected by adjusting the limits to stop misbehaving. The next thing to do on the doors whose close range is incomplete is to readjust the sensor alignment, what is important in this case is to make sure nothing is blocking the sightline of the electronic eyes.

  • Garage doors reversing before closing completely

Garage door openers are set with a screw that determines the amount of force when the door is descending. If this force limit is exceeded, the doors will stop midway and reverse because the pressure limit is exceeded. To correct this error, you need to readjust the close force setting.

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