Northern Rivers Bathrooms: The advantages of energy efficient bathrooms

It is time we stop taking the environment for granted. In fact all smart owners should now take responsibility for doing their bit for conserving energy. If you have been thinking about getting a remodeling done from Northern Rivers bathrooms, make sure you talk to them about building one which is energy efficient.

The main reason why there has been a shift towards green remodeling is that people are now aware. They are conscious of their surroundings. The aim is to reduce the carbon footprint. Since bathrooms are one of the most misused spaces when it comes to conservation, why not start from there only?

The long hot showers, using the flush sometimes just to get rid of the waste and dripping taps all contribute towards the wastage of water which is a precious resource. There are countries where water shortage is so great that they don’t even have access to proper drinking water. Some smart measures on our part can help conserve water and energy. This in turn can help save money in the long run as well.

Some changes which we can make are:

  • Changing the showerhead for a more efficient one can help save tons of water from being wasted. In fact the attest models are so efficient that they give the same luxurious feel of a running fountain despite using much less water and heat energy. Choose a showerhead which has a high energy star rating
  • Using energy savers and solar panels can help conserve energy as well. Solar panels not only provide electricity but the heat generated can also be used to warm water tanks as well.
  • If solar panels are not an option, you can choose to make use of energy savers instead of bright light bulbs. Most people have bright lights attached to the mirrors in the bathroom for an aesthetic effect. You can chose to switch over to LED bulbs which consume less power but are just as bright plus they can lost a great deal longer. There are energy efficient bulbs and lights available in various aesthetic designs.
  • Install high efficiency toilets instead of regular ones. These help remove the waste with the help of water velocity. On the other hand regular toilets remove the waste using water volume. Plus there is another reason for installing these toilets. You can save up to hundreds of dollars in cash on the water bills per year. That’s saying a great deal, you get two benefits out of one simple change.
  • Use passive lighting to ensure that the bathrooms are lighted up properly.
  • Modern toilets come with a variety of features like automatic flushing. These are equipped with over flow protection. Make sure you talk to the professionals to ensure that you can build an energy efficient toilet in your home as well.

Making this move towards conserving energy is an important step, so upgrade your Northern Rivers bathroom now.


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