Painting advice from the expert House Painters Melbourne

Are you thinking about painting your home? Do you plan on taking up the job yourself? Whether it’s just one room you plan to paint or do the complete house, painting for the first time can be quite daunting.

Don’t fret. The following tried and tested tips from house painters servicing Melbourne are sure to simplify the process for you.

Clean the walls but don’t just go doing a great deal

Before you start painting the walls, it’s necessary to ensure that the walls are free from dirt and grime. Make use of a dry Swiffer to help get rid of all the dust and once you are done you can get rid of the Swiffer rag.

Don’t go for paint swatches

If you aren’t too sure about which color would be closest to the one you want for your walls, dot just use swatches. Instead make sure you paint a small portion of the room in that color and let it be for a few days. Once the paint has dried and adhered to the wall you would have a better idea of what the color would look like once the job is finished. It would help you see how the pint looks against the backdrop of your furniture and how well it reflects in the lighting of the room. If you like what you see you could go with it otherwise choose a different paint color.

Use the correct painting technique

Instead of painting in a straight line which isn’t the best painting technique go for a W formation. Once that is done make sure to fill in the gap with quick effective strokes. This helps distribute the paint in the right way. Also this helps ensure that the paint isn’t layered too thick in a single area and there is even distribution.

If you have quite a few gallons of paint in hand, make sure to combine all those in a big single gallon. This would give the most even paint color ever. Even the paints of the same hue from the same company often differ in color due to the mixing. That’s why to ensure even color pour the number of gallons needed together.

When painting ear the trim of the window, make sure to use Vaseline on the surrounding structures. If the paint gets on the windows, it would be easy to remove because the paint holds on to Vaseline instead of staining the window.

Don’t just go for white primer for every color. If you are painting a darker hue choose a primer which is inclined towards that particular color. It would make the end result look professional. Also it would give the perfect coverage and there wouldn’t be a need to use too many coats of paint.

If the odor of paint makes you feel bothered, you can avoid that altogether by adding a few drops of vanilla extract to the gallon of paint.

Following these expert tips from house painters Melbourne would help you paint like a pro.

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