Savvy Tips for Air Conditioning Installation Canberra

It seems like Canberra only has two seasons: summer and winter. Summer seems to be coming very fast which means time to check out the air conditioning system in the home.

Like most homeowners, relief from the summer heat is through the air conditioning system in the home. Your system needs to work and stay cool the first time you turn it on and every time after that.

A do-it-yourself air conditioning installation in Canberra is good as long as you know what you’re doing. However, an AC installation expert will always be the best option.


Savvy ways to install your air condition unit


You have bought a window air conditioner as a way to cool your room or home. The next step is to install it. Here are some savvy ways to do it:

Before anything else

Select a window that has an outlet close by. Power cords most seen in ACs are between 5 to 6 feet long. The outlet you choose should be reached by the cord. You should also read the owner’s manual to follow the guidelines from the manufacturer.

Tools you need on hand

  • Scissors
  • Screwdriver
  • Brackets and screws provided by the manufacturer
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil

Remove the AC from the box

The back of an AC unit has sharp edges. This means being extra careful when removing it from the box.

Confirm the completeness of the parts by removing them all from the box. Measuring the window’s width is the next step. Use a pencil to mark the centre of the window. This will ensure even reach of the side panels on both sides of the window. Marking the spot also makes for easier installation.

Open the window

It’s time to open the window. Install weather strips if they were provided with the unit. The strips are there to protect your window from damages when you install the AC. It also helps to prevent air from passing through tiny cracks. It’s fine if no weather strips are included with the unit.

Time to attach the AC’s side panels

Slide the side panels all the way in. Then use the manufacturer screws to secure the adjustable panels to the window.

Place the AC in the window

While you can do this by yourself, the best way is to have a helping hand. Centre the AC in the window and close the top tightly over it. The AC is now securely attached to your window once you’ve closed the top over it.

Secure the window with L Brackets

One L bracket is usually provided by the AC manufacturer. This is to securely hold the window. The top of the opened window should be screwed by the L bracket. This is to stop the window from being pushed up.

Attach window padding

There are AC manufacturers that provide window padding. The pads are meant to cushion the sides of the open window. Extending the side panels will do the trick in the absence of padding. Use the manufacturer screws to attach the side panels to both sides of the window. Plug in, and enjoy!


The above tips are only for window AC installation. The model of your AC may not follow the same directions. Questions about AC installation can be answered by our AC professionals. To make sure that your machine will work properly, have your air conditioning installed by professionals.

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