Weighing up transportable homes options in Perth

In Perth, the specific construction and design of transportable homes Perth enables them to be transported by vehicle from one place to another. Yet, the durability of transportable homes compared to on-site built homes is always a common issue that bothers people.

Comparing the durability of transportable homes to on-site built homes depends on whether both homes will be built using the same materials. If they are, then it can be said that transportable homes are more durable, given that they have to be transported from one place to another.

What makes transportable homes a reliable option than on-site built homes?

Their construction meets the guidelines and approval of strict building regulations

The building approval requirements and the process have to be thoroughly adhered to by transportable homes to make them meet the hardiness test of being transported by vehicle from one place to another. This means that the construction of transportable homes should follow safety and sturdiness regulation design and structure to withstand the rigours of travel.

Designed to be transported

The construction and design of transportable homes have to meet strict council regulations. The home’s construction is made to withstand travelling at top speeds of 100km/h on a truck, lifted by crane, and durable over the years on the destinations they are placed on. A transportable home reaching its final destination is strongly welded and bolted to on-site foundations to make them hardy and durable in all kinds of weather conditions and seasons.

No compromise on construction

A home constructed on-site is exposed to all the elements. This often compromises its durability and strength. Factory-built transportable homes, on the other hand, are not subject to weather elements that could compromise their overall sturdiness and durability. Having this advantage makes transportable homes built to last over the years in all kinds of weather conditions.

High-quality materials

The materials used in constructing transportable homes are meant to withstand all kinds of places they will be transported from the ocean, the outback or on top of mountains. The materials have to be pest and weather-resistant as well to make the homes adaptable and sturdy in all kinds of elements they are exposed to.

The construction and materials used are eco-friendly as well while remaining strong from pests and elements.


The cheaper cost of transportable homes is not because of a lack of design but more on their factory construction process. A factory-built home offers a cheaper option because of the materials purchased in bulk. The advantage of purchasing materials in bulk is because it eliminates wastage as leftovers are re-used. Doing it this way makes the factory-built homes a more efficient and eco-friendly process.

Factory-built homes eliminate labour costs as they adhere to a strict schedule. Additional costs involved in the transportation of materials and insurances are lessened in factory-built homes.

Home built by experts

Builders involved in the transportable home construction are experts in these types of homes. Their specialisation covers everything involved in the construction of transportable homes from fixtures to transportation. This type of specialisation ensures that perfection is always carried out in every step of the construction.

High-quality transportable homes come in various types and designs to suit everyone’s needs and preferences. Some of the Aust Wide Transportable homes available in Perth include cabins, modular-styled homes, and even granny flats.

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