Why you should think about stone cladding your walls

Wall cladding provides a protective cover to the exterior walls of your home. However there has been a growing trend in using cladding for the interior of the homes as well. Usually cladding is done with the help of stone veneers, tiles and slabs.

The following are a few reasons why you should consider investing in stone cladding for walls

Stone cladding give your walls an aesthetic look

Stones have a classic beauty. There are different varieties of stones with the number of colors and grain Impressions. Each of these things make one piece of stone unique from another. Stones come in colors which are cool while others are warm it all depends upon your own personal preference as to what kind of stones you would like to clad onto the walls.

Stone cladding can improve the value of your home

The use of stone cladding can give your property a completely different look. In fact If you prefer the rustic effect it is going to you work well. Besides having an aesthetic value it also improve the strength and durability of the walls. It makes the walls weather resistant. In other words a stone cladding exterior wall can increase the value of the property. Since your home not only looks great but also has the ability of withstanding any sort of weather condition it cast a good impression.

Wall cladding can be added to beautify the patio

You can completely alter the Look of your patio by adding a feature wall which stone cladded full stop in fact you can add in in some other features like a Barbecue or cooking facilities to ensure that you have your own private  space for organizing parties. You can make the backyard coverings  made up of stacked stones which not only gives the place a natural appearance but also improve the  way it looks.

It should be kept in mind that natural stones are quiet heat resistant. You can make use of marble which remains cool during the warm weather and can also provide a cooling effect to your home. You can even make use of siliceous stones which act as a natural insulation and prevent the heat and cold from passing out of the interior spaces.

Another reason to include stone wall cladding is that it can be pretty easy to maintain. Since natural stones are quite sturdy and have a durability which is unmatched by any other kind of material these tend to be break resistant. Also it is easier to wash off dirt from natural stones because all you need is just plain water and some light detergent. You wouldn’t have to worry about painting your exterior was every now and then because they have been weathered that by the sun.

Choose from the different types of stone cladding available at sandstone suppliers in your area.

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